Christmas in Georgetown

I took my new (early) Christmas present out of a spin on the streets of Georgetown to check out the holiday decorations in the small shops along Wisconsin Ave! Love this time of year!

What's in My Bag: Part 3: Weddings

Needless to say that with a wedding, there’s just a lot more of everything!  Weddings are action packed without a lot of downtime.  It takes a lot of preparation and organization to be ready for each moment and prepared to capture those moments you can never get back!

I am often switching up lenses for different parts of the day since they have different needs.  But for the most part I keep 2 camera bodies (5D Mark III’s!) on my at all times.

I use this trusty contraption to keep them at my finger tips and prevent getting tangled up (plus, it does look pretty cool!)

Most of the time I have one camera with a 24-70mm lens on it for wide angle shots.  On the other I have my 70-200mm zoom lens to get in close at a moment’s notice.

I may switch out to the 50 mm or 85 mm for bridal shots, and ring shots work best with the 100 mm macro to get in nice and close!

Spare batteries, extra memory cards, flash batteries and a detailed timeline/shot list are usually in pockets and on me at all times!

For the reception or any dark areas, I also have 2 flashes that I can use on or off camera. This guy is a great one to setup the reception room near the DJ to light up the dance floor!

And lastly, I pack my patience and deep breaths… all sold separately!  ;) 


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