What's in My Bag: Part 4 Travel

If you've been following the "What's in my Bag" series and you're thinking....that's great and all, but I'm not ready to buy professional level camera equipment...I hear ya!  This post is for you!

There’s no question that I LOVE to take photos when I travel.  These photos are for me and feed the creative side.  However the last thing you want to do on vacation is lug around heavy equipment! (or risk damaging the pro stuff!)  But when I see a photo I need to take, it physically hurts to not be able to capture it! (ask anyone who has traveled with me!!)

So I have 3 solutions depending on how much I’m willing to carry:

1. The Canon 6D- this is very similar to the 5D Mark III, but it’s a bit lighter.  It’s a step down and does not have the dual memory card slots, but it still does an amazing job.  The kit lens (24-105mm) is not the best in low light, but allows enough versatility to get a wide range of shots without changing lenses.  And it’s light weight to boot!

2. Mirrorless Camera- Fuji X-T2

This little guy is new this year- the mirrorless system is much smaller, but still allows you to interchange lenses.  I have 2 lenses for it- a wide angle 14 mm and a 23 mm -they both work great and provide ample depth of field and work well in low light because they are prime.  However I am finding I need a zoom lens to complete the package.  That will add bulk (and a third lens to carry!) which may be defeating the point of going smaller....  So the jury is still out on this one, but it did get me all the way through Italy!

3. iPhone (gulp)

I know, I know, a photographer recommending to use your iPhone???  I can’t lie, the photos aren’t too bad if you have good lighting and are somewhat close to your subject.  In a pinch, they can be great.  There are some moments when I just don’t want to lug around anything (or aren’t permitted to) so, as they say, the best camera is the one you have on you!  Just know it’s limitations and don’t try to do the impossible- but be creative with your angles and filters and you’ll be surprised with what you can get!

There are also occasions where I want to have a camera in places that involve water.  Usually the does not mix well with electronics, so I keep on hand a very basic point and shoot camera that's super small but can survive being dunked completely under water.  It's great for the pool, boats, or anything where you just don't want stress about getting your camera wet!  It's may not get you any award winning photos, but it will capture the moment well (and does video too!)

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