Can I use my photos for print and social media?

Yes!  I want you to get the most out of your photos and for you to use them in as many ways as you can!  When I deliver the images it will include a release that allows you to print and use on social media.  I just ask you don’t re-edit or submit for contests as your own photos!


What is the difference between a posed newborn session and a lifestyle newborn session?

Great question!  Read more about the difference between lifestyle sessions and posed newborn sessions here!


What happens if it rains?

Weather does happen, so if rain is in the forecast, we’ll keep an eye on it and make a judgement call the night before if we should proceed with the session or reschedule.  Sometimes we need to completely reschedule or if it’s just a matter of adjusting the timing on that day, we’ll see what is possible.  I will remain as flexible as I can and ask that you do the same!  Keep in mind that cloudy skies are not a bad things for photos, we just don’t want it to be physically raining!


My kid will never sit still...

The reality is most kids will not, because....they are kids!  I want to embrace their uniqueness and allow that to shine through the photos- the good and the bad!  That will probably mean moments of giggles, some meltdowns and flat out frustration.  And that is okay and completely normal!  The key is to let go of control and embrace the moment.  I try to keep the session moving and we take breaks as we need to.  Snacks (and bribes!) can go a long way.  And you never know, those melt down photos may be some of your favorites!


What should I wear?

Avoid trying to “match” but instead think about colors that compliment one another.  You want the kids to stand out, so dress them in bold colors or fun patterns and pick colors from there for the rest of the family.  Bold jewelry, accessories, boots, layers and textures all play well on camera.   Here are some more tips for family sessions, maternity and engagement!


Can I bring my dog?

Yes!  Your furry friends are welcome to join the session!  If we are not at your home, let me know so I can make sure the location we choose is dog friendly!  It's helpful to bring treats as motivation to keep attention towards the camera! If your dog is super energetic, we'll need a leash or some way to keep the dog occupied if you want some photos without them in the photo!  Sometimes bringing a friend to watch the dog while you're taking photos can be helpful!


What is the best timing for photos?

The best lighting for photos is the hour after sunrise and before sunset, often called "magic hour" or "golden hour".  This changes depending on the time of year, so we’ll look at when is ideal lighting for your session based on the date, and also take into consideration when the subjects will be at their best!  Great lighting can’t overcome unhappy subjects!


Do you travel?

Yes!  My pricing is for the DC Metro area, but happy to discuss traveling to you or another destination!


What equipment do you use?

I use professional full frame Canon camera and lenses.  Here's more about what's in my bag!