Ginny Filer Photography |
Ginny Filer Photography |

Life is what happens in the moments in between.

For me, those moments happen during my magic hour.

Each day, I award myself time to run. Singular. Alone. In Nature. Morning or evening – it’s that time of day when the world is not quite awake and not quite asleep. During my magic hour I have the city all to myself.

It’s a time when I can unwind my mind, connect with God, and take in the still, small moments of the world that normally go by unnoticed in the hustle and bustle of life.

It’s a time when I can see the world with a fresh, new perspective.

I capture some of my most precious moments in the photos taken during my magic hour. I capture those small; yet significant details often overlooked when everything is at its regular pace. It’s the mosaic of those magical details which provide the clearest insights in life.

Photography is my way to remember that life is full of beautiful moments, just waiting to be found.

This is my approach to your photography session—To capture the beauty and unseen moments in your magic hour– those precious smiles and stolen glances—and freeze them forever in time.

For your family,
your friends,
your grandchildren,
your legacy.


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