It’s important to find the right spot for your photos!

When deciding on a location:

  1. Is there a place with special significance to the people in the photo?

  2. Does location has a good variety of textures, architecture, environments – a place that’s visually interesting.

  3. Time of year– what will be in bloom, what will the trees be like is all depending on the season!

  4. Make sure it works well for age of your kids. For example, if your kids need a lot of room to run, we should find a place with open space that won’t disturb others around them. We want it to a be fun and not stressful experience!

Remember the environment will be a secondary backdrop to the main focus, which is you! A special place doesn’t need to be anything fancy or monumental, it just needs to be special to you. A deserted alley, an open meadow, or your own backyard. The place should be a reflection of you and a place you feel comfortable.

Please note that many establishments do not allow professional photography. Generally speaking, the more public the place, the more likely it is we can take photos there.

outdoor locations

The District

*Jefferson Memorial note: this requires advance planning to obtain permit with additional cost


*Monticello Park: This is also a dog park, so if kids are skiddish around a lot of dogs, not the best choice!
*River Farm: Advanced reservation and permit fee required.  Open M-F 9-5 and Saturday 9-1 Closed on Sundays.


*Brookside Gardens: Advanced reservation and $75 permit required.
**Glenview Mansion: Advanced reservation required, no permit fee

indoor locations

*National Portrait Gallery: Requires advance permission.
**Your Home: You'd be surprised what we can do in any space with good, natural light window light!