Asia Series: Ayutthaya

I took a day bike trip about an hour outside of Bangkok to the ancient city of Ayutthaya.  Ayuthaya was founded in 1350 as the capital of Siam.  (now Thailand)  It was mostly destroyed in the 18th century by the Burmese, but the ruins are still absolutely stunning.  I felt like I was in an Indiana Jones movie.  2015-12-08_0011 2015-12-08_0012 2015-12-08_0013 2015-12-08_0014 2015-12-08_0015 2015-12-08_0016 2015-12-08_0017 Lunch included drinking from a coconut- SOOOOO delicious!2015-12-08_0018 2015-12-08_0019 2015-12-08_0020 2015-12-08_0021 2015-12-08_0022 2015-12-08_0023

Asia Series: Bangkok, the FOOD

I can't say enough about the delicious food in Bangkok.  I love Thai food in the states, but this was a whole other level of deliciousness.  I even got to take a cooking class at the Blue Elephant, so we'll see if I can replicate anything at home!

Great little restaurant called Phuket Town

2015-12-08_0009 2015-12-08_0010 Cooking class at the Blue Elephant- included a tour through the morning market2015-12-08_0024 2015-12-08_0025 Watching them make the delicious Thai iced tea!2015-12-08_0026 2015-12-08_0027 2015-12-08_0028 Spices!2015-12-08_0029 2015-12-08_0030 2015-12-08_0031 Time to cook!2015-12-08_0032 2015-12-08_0033 2015-12-08_0034 We got to eat all our yummy food at the end!2015-12-08_0035 2015-12-08_0036 My favorite street food: coconut pudding cakes!2015-12-08_0045 2015-12-08_0046

Mangos and sticky rice (it's everywhere!)2015-12-08_0047