Asia Series: Ayutthaya

I took a day bike trip about an hour outside of Bangkok to the ancient city of Ayutthaya.  Ayuthaya was founded in 1350 as the capital of Siam.  (now Thailand)  It was mostly destroyed in the 18th century by the Burmese, but the ruins are still absolutely stunning.  I felt like I was in an Indiana Jones movie.  2015-12-08_0011 2015-12-08_0012 2015-12-08_0013 2015-12-08_0014 2015-12-08_0015 2015-12-08_0016 2015-12-08_0017 Lunch included drinking from a coconut- SOOOOO delicious!2015-12-08_0018 2015-12-08_0019 2015-12-08_0020 2015-12-08_0021 2015-12-08_0022 2015-12-08_0023

The Asia Series: Bhutan, Part 2

We stopped over in the town of Punakha and stayed at this lovely hotel overlooking the city.  We visited the Punakha Dzong (fortress) which is the most beautiful fortress in Bhutan.  2015-12-07_0042

The Phallus is a sign of fertility and good luck in yep, it was everywhere (insert giggles)2015-12-07_0043 2015-12-07_0044 2015-12-07_0045 2015-12-07_0046 2015-12-07_0047 2015-12-07_0048 2015-12-07_0049 2015-12-07_0050

2015-12-07_0051The Buddha Tree 2015-12-07_0053 2015-12-07_0054 2015-12-07_0055

The Dzong (fortress)

2015-12-08_00012015-12-07_0056 2015-12-07_0057 2015-12-07_0058 2015-12-07_0059 2015-12-07_0060 2015-12-07_0061 2015-12-07_0062 2015-12-07_0063 2015-12-07_0064

Our last day was an intense hike to the Tiger's Nest Monastery- It is 2000 feet up on a sheer cliff face!  It's about a 3 mile, steep uphill hike (1 way). Not for the faint of heart, but well worth it!2015-12-07_0065

You can take ponies halfway to the top- not us though!2015-12-07_0066 2015-12-07_0067 2015-12-07_0068 2015-12-07_0069 2015-12-07_0070 2015-12-07_0071 2015-12-07_0072 2015-12-07_0073

Another Dzong (fortress) in Paro2015-12-07_0074 2015-12-07_0075 2015-12-07_0076 2015-12-07_0077 2015-12-07_0078 2015-12-07_0079Our last evening was a traditional Bhutanese meal at an old farm house.  Complete with a real hot stone bath! 2015-12-07_0080