Asia Series: Bangkok, the FOOD

I can't say enough about the delicious food in Bangkok.  I love Thai food in the states, but this was a whole other level of deliciousness.  I even got to take a cooking class at the Blue Elephant, so we'll see if I can replicate anything at home!

Great little restaurant called Phuket Town

2015-12-08_0009 2015-12-08_0010 Cooking class at the Blue Elephant- included a tour through the morning market2015-12-08_0024 2015-12-08_0025 Watching them make the delicious Thai iced tea!2015-12-08_0026 2015-12-08_0027 2015-12-08_0028 Spices!2015-12-08_0029 2015-12-08_0030 2015-12-08_0031 Time to cook!2015-12-08_0032 2015-12-08_0033 2015-12-08_0034 We got to eat all our yummy food at the end!2015-12-08_0035 2015-12-08_0036 My favorite street food: coconut pudding cakes!2015-12-08_0045 2015-12-08_0046

Mangos and sticky rice (it's everywhere!)2015-12-08_0047