Little Ronan!

Little Ronan is here and so adorable!  We had a beautiful spring morning in Alexandria and enjoyed this little guys happy disposition!  Thank you Spadacino family! 

Meet Logan and Cody!

This beautiful Old Town session made me want to be three years old again.  The sheer excitement bouncing off of little Logan with every glimpse of water, every boat, every duck– was truly infectious!  If only we approached the newness of each day with the pure elation of a three year old.  Thank you Logan, for such a valuable reminder of the joy that can be found in the little things!  And little brother Cody was just as adorable as can be for his first photo session!  Thank you Siggins family!2015-09-21_0001 2015-09-21_0002 2015-09-21_0003 2015-09-21_0004 2015-09-21_0005 2015-09-21_0006 2015-09-21_0008 2015-09-21_0010

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