5 Things to Consider when choosing a location

"Location, location, location" is the famed mantra, and it is an important factor when considering WHERE To have your photo session!  

Here are 5 things I recommend considering when picking a location.

1. Is there a place with special significance to the people in the photo?

Doing an engagement session at the place where he proposed or your first date adds more significance to the photos and adds another memory to cherish in the photos.  Or having a family session in a frequently loved park or place that meant something to the parents.  


2. Does location has a good variety of textures, architecture, environments – a place that’s visually interesting.  

To avoid the same looking backdrop in each photo, it's nice to have a place where there is something different and visually interesting to work with- a bridge, garden, stone wall, pathway, body of water, etc that just adds a little variety and personality to the photos.

3. Time of year– what will be in bloom, what will the trees be like is all depending on the season!  

For example, if you want to capitalize on spring tulips in the spring, find a location where they will be in bloom!  Or if you're looking for beautiful fall foliage, avoid someplace with mostly evergreen trees that don't turn.


4. Make sure it works well for the age of your kids.  

If your kids need a lot of room to run, look for a place with open space that won’t disturb others around them.  We want it to a be fun and not stressful experience!


5. Do we need a permit or reservations?  

DC is a tricky city with a lot of restrictions around commercial photography.  So is completely prohibited, while other places just require an additional fee and advanced reservations.  I'm happy to advise and talk through those options and comparable "free" locations! :)

Be sure to check out some of my favorite locations here!

Oscar is ONE!

I can't believe this little guy is already ONE!  And he is just too cute for words!  We had a great time running around and enjoying this gorgeous spring morning!