What to Wear at a Family Session

A very popular (and important) questions when it comes to family portraits is...what to wear??So here goes...my top suggestions when planning out your family portrait fashion!

1. Compliment each other, don't try to match exactly. Think about colors and patterns that compliment each other and stick to a few colors that work together well.

2. Start with the kids- they are focal point- you want them to "pop!"  Bold colors or patterns work well.

3. Find a color that brings out the color of their eyes

4. Layers, textures, accessories all play really well on camera.  Sweater texture, ruffles, ribbons, hats, scarves, boots, tights, etc.  Use some bold jewelry to accent your main colors.

5. Can’t decide?  Bring a few to choose from and we can work in a quick outfit change for the real little ones halfway through!

That's the basics!  Pinterest (of course) has some great ideas too!  If you have specific questions about YOUR family or location, please don't hesitate to ask!