6 Tips on How to Pose in Photos

Let's be honest- we are all trying to look our best in photos.  Especially in the world of social media when we see a lot more of each other!  Here are a few quick tips for women on how to easily look their best!

TIP 1: Stand a quarter turn away from camera

Think about your feet.  Try not to have both your feet facing forward toward to the camera with your weight equally distributed, but instead turn your body a quarter turn away.  You show your widest when facing the camera, but a slimmer sliver if you turn slightly!

TIP 2: Pop your front leg

Place the weight on your back leg and bend your front leg- this gives a nice feminine curve and lengthens your body. 


TIP 3: Create negative space with your arm

If your arm is straight against your body, it makes your body look wider then it really is.  By putting your hand on your hip, leaning it on someone/something- anything to get it away from your body, it creates space and shows the difference between your body and your arm!


TIP 4: Twist and Lean In

Twisting your torso and leaning slightly toward the camera creates a cinched waist and lengths your neck and chin- all very flattering things!


Tip 5: Tippy Toes

If you're not wearing heels, pop up on your toes. It lengthens your whole body and gives you great posture!


TIP 6: Shoot from above

If given the choice, always shoot from slightly above instead of slightly below.  This lengthens the neck and jaw and tames those double chins and harsh lines! Give a slight tilt to your head - this makes you look more relaxed and natural!

So there you have it!  6 easy ways to instantly change the game of your photos!  A pretty dramatic before and after with just a few simple tricks of the trade! (and now you'll see me donig it every photo!!)

 BEFORE                                  AFTER