Eating my way through Italy

Of course one my the most wonderful things about Italy is the FOOD!  Probably second to door photos came food photos!  We had some incredible meals and I've included some of the restaurant names if you ever get the pleasure of going there!  

Nonna Betta in Rome- delicious food in the old Jewish Quarter!

Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria in Sorrento- we first had lunch here by the pool, but it was just so beautiful we agreed to a very delightful 5 course dinner on overlooking the water and sunset that night- definitely worth it! 

So many lemons in Sorrento and on the coast!

Aurora Light Ristorante- right on the square in Sorrento- perfect and yummy spot for dinner!

A cute cafe at Regina Giovanna- definitely a hidden gem and well worth the long walk down and back up! 

Ristorante Pizzeria Tasso- a local's recommendation and it was indeed delicious!

La Fontelina- this was a "who's who"  beach resort in Capri filled with all kinds of beautiful people, but we enjoyed a day pass and a delicious meal by the water!

Le Camerelle- some of the best food and perfect outdoor seating atmosphere on the island of Capri- not to mention the free flowing limoncello at the end!

Ristorante Trattoria Angiolino- this place was an accidental find in Florence- we stubbled upon it after the original place we wanted to eat was full- but it ended up being one of the very best- we sat at the bar and it felt very local and SO so good!!

Zeb's- definitely my favorite of Florence.  This was a Micheline star restaurant and so delicious.  The entire restaurant was set up as a U-shaped bar with the chef and his mom doing all the serving and cooking.  They were quite the duo and it made for an intimate and personal feel.  I could have eaten there every night!

Osteria Santo Spirito- this was conveniently next to our hotel in Florence, and had a nice local vibe and very good food!

Our last big dinner in Rome- Due Ladroni- great atmosphere, fun staff and good food!

Our very last meal in Rome- I can't remember the name, but....yum. 


I loved doing headshots with Alison!  We had a good time at Bishop's Garden and so excited this photo will be on her NEW book (!).  Alison is the advise columnist for Ask a Manager blog and she has a new book coming out!  Her book is called ASK A MANAGER: Clueless Coworkers, Lunch-Stealing Bosses, and Other Work Conversations Made Easy.  Alison says that "It tackles more than 200 difficult conversations you might need to have during your career (with your boss, your coworkers, your employees, or your job interviewer) and gives you the wording to do it … focusing especially on the awkward and cringey conversations that people dread most."

It sounds so interesting (and all too relatable)!  Congrats on your book Alison!! You look great!