Asia Series: Bangkok

After Bhutan we headed to Bangkok for a week.  My comrades had work training during the day, so I got to explore on my own! We stayed at a very funky and cool hotel- the Indigo.  Great happy hour and great rooftop infinity pool! 2015-12-08_0008 2015-12-08_0009 2015-12-08_0010

We did a night bike tour through a beautiful flower market2015-12-08_0038 2015-12-08_0039 The city was getting ready for the king's birthday (the day after I left!)2015-12-08_0040 2015-12-08_0041 2015-12-08_0044

Thai massages at Bhawa.  Worth. every. penny.  WOW. 2015-12-08_0087 2015-12-08_0088 The Jim Thompson House was incredibly interesting!2015-12-08_0089 2015-12-08_0090 2015-12-08_0091

The malls in Bangkok are quite lavish.  This mall had an entire "Sea Life" at the bottom of it!2015-12-08_0002 2015-12-08_0003 2015-12-08_0004 2015-12-08_0005 2015-12-08_0006