Little Lyra!

Little Lyra is here and completely adorable!  What a sweet and content spirit this little girl has!  And she showed off all her cute expressions for the camera.  Jolie the dog got in the action as well to make sure there was no funny business with these photos!VGF_6253_20151107 VGF_6258_20151107 VGF_6261_20151107 VGF_6309_20151107-2VGF_6262_20151107VGF_6276_20151107 VGF_6309_20151107-2 VGF_6315_20151107-2 VGF_6333_20151107 VGF_6360_20151107 VGF_6374_20151107 VGF_6426_20151107 VGF_6434_20151107-2 VGF_6460_20151107 VGF_6478_20151107 VGF_6512_20151107-2 VGF_6522_20151107-2 VGF_6567_20151107 VGF_6590_20151107 VGF_6641_20151107 VGF_6675_20151107 VGF_6711_20151107 VGF_6732_20151107 VGF_6740_20151107-2 VGF_6746_20151107 VGF_6824_20151107 VGF_6832_20151107 VGF_6935_20151107