5 Tips for a Perfect Wedding Day Timeline

Consider a First LookA "first look" is a time set aside for you and your soon-to-be spouse to see each other for the first time before the ceremony in a private setting with just your photographer.  It allows you to get all your bride and groom photos out of the way before the ceremony so you are not keeping your guests waiting trying to get rush through photos before the reception.  It also ends up being one of the most intimate and treasured moments of the day!  You can read what past brides and grooms have to say here!

Clear the ClutterUndoubtedly the area you are getting ready in is going to full of make up bags, clothes and all the odds and ends that make you picture perfect.  But the last thing you want in your photos is random clutter, water bottles, hair spray, etc distracting from the moment.  Keep the clutter contained to one area.  Ask your photographer where to position you so you are in the best light, and move the clutter out of the way! Keep Family Formals SimpleFamily formals are extremely important.  They are the photos that will be passed down for generations to preserve your family’s legacy.  But these photos can also take a lot of time and wrangling the right people to be there and in position can delay you getting to your reception!  Think about your list and truly narrow it down to the important people you need in the formal photos.  Make sure they know to stick around after the ceremony!   Remember there is still plenty of opportunity to get group photos at the reception that may not need to be formal (or if Uncle Bob is no where to be found…)

Leave Room to Breath It can be tempting to jam pack your day with little time between getting your photos done and getting to the ceremony.  Remember to leave some breathing time to allow for the unexpected.  You don’t want to be so rushed that you can’t take the time to soak in an unexpected moment because you are trying to stay on schedule.  Leave buffer room, and then add some more.  It may start your day earlier, but it will make you feel more relaxed throughout your day.  You want to savour every moment!

DelegateDon’t be the point of contact..for anything.  You don’t want people frantically calling or texting you asking about flower deliveries or centerpiece setup.  Delegate ahead of time who your vendors or family members should contact should they have questions.  This could be your bridesmaids, family members, wedding coordinator, or other vendors that can work directly together.  For example, have your DJ work directly with the venue contact for any questions or setup.  Create those relationships ahead of time so no one is bothering you on your big day!

As a wedding photographer, I've set up many wedding day timelines and can work with you to customize your timeline based on what's most important to you and the unique logistics of your day!  Contact me for more information!

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