Top DC Discoveries of 2015

DCdiscoviesOkay...I did a LOT of exploring around town this year. Some of them aren't all new places, but new things I saw this year!  It's been fun looking back at some of the various places and events I visited around DC.  Here are some of the highlights! The Zoo: through all the seasons! I love being so close to the zoo and how the animals change depending on season and time of day.  I especially love running through in the early morning when it feels like I have the place to myself!




Washington Auto Show I went for the first time this year, and it was very interesting, even though I am not much of a car person!


Holocaust Museum This is not usually a top destination as it is definitely a sobering experience, but they had recently opened the museum to photography and I was able to go with a local instagram group to capture powerful images that represent such a sobering time in history.


Botanical Gardens This is a great place to go when you are feeling cold and tired of the lack of color in the winter world.  Spring is always alive at the Botanical Gardens!


Library of Congress This was another great photography opportunity where they opened one of the usually "off limit" reading rooms to the public.


Glover Archibald Park This place is literally behind my apartment, and offers so much loveliness year round!




National Aquarium Not too far away in Baltimore is one of the most famous aquariums in the world.  It did not disappoint!


Kite Festival This festival usually kicks off the cherry blossom festival.  It was a crazy cold this day, but still nice to get out and see it!


National Archives I was initially miffed that the National Archives does not permit photography, but I still found it in my heart to check it out, and was surprisingly impressed by the museum and all the interesting artifacts inside!  


Cherry Blossom Festival The main event of DC!  I endured the crowds but it as worth all the blossomy goodness!


Around the World Embassy Tour I have always loved this annual passport through DC to the various embassies!  And now living so close to so many made it even more fun!


Glen Echo Glen Echo is one of my favorite spots, and so fun to share it with my Mom Mom who grew up during it's hay-day!


Madame Tussauds This place is creepy and fun all at the same time.  I had a free pass, so why not??


Duck Tours I have always wanted to take a Duck Tour!  A visit from a dear friend and her family gave me just the excuse to play tourist!


Haines Point This is such a forgotten DC spot that is refreshing and beautiful to take an evening walk.


Sandy Point If you need a beach fix but can't travel far, Sandy Point is a quick hour drive to sand and water!


Kennedy Center I forget how amazing the views are from this place!  I'm glad I got some culture this year through some amazing performances at the Kennedy Center!


Greek Festival This annual festival is at St. Sophia's Church that is right in my neighborhood.  Always a fun and festival cultural event with amazing food!


Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens So pretty and hard to believe this is in DC!


City Center This is a new find with all the lovely Christmas lights- so many great new restaurant and shops to return to in 2016!