The Asia Series: Bhutan, Part 1

My two week adventure in Asia was an amazing experience, and of course filled with a LOT of photos!  So I am introducing the Asia series to share with you some of my favorites from the trip! First up is Bhutan- a small and beautiful kingdom just north of India and to the east of Nepal.  Set in the Himalayas, it is an absolutely stunning landscape.  Having only introduced television and the internet in 1999, much of it's rich culture remains in tack and untainted from the rest of the world.

These first photos are a glimpse of Mnt Everest from the plane!

2015-12-07_0001 2015-12-07_0002 2015-12-07_0003 2015-12-07_0004 2015-12-07_0005 2015-12-07_0006

Prayer flags2015-12-07_0007 2015-12-07_0008 2015-12-07_0009 2015-12-07_0010 2015-12-07_0011

Amber and Edith on the bridge2015-12-07_0012 2015-12-07_0013 2015-12-07_0014 2015-12-07_0015 2015-12-07_0016

Lots and lots of delicious tea at every stop and every meal! 2015-12-07_0017

The biggest Lord Buddha statue in the world overlooking Thimpu valley2015-12-07_0018 2015-12-07_0019 2015-12-07_0020 2015-12-07_0021 2015-12-07_0022 2015-12-07_0023 2015-12-07_0024

The national animal- the Takin!2015-12-07_0025 2015-12-07_0026 2015-12-07_0027Visit to a local nunnery 2015-12-07_0028 2015-12-07_0029 2015-12-07_0030

The Dochu-La Pass and view of the Himalayas2015-12-07_0031 2015-12-07_0032

Tea at the top!2015-12-07_0033 2015-12-07_0034 2015-12-07_0035 2015-12-07_0036 2015-12-07_0037 2015-12-07_0038 2015-12-07_0039 2015-12-07_0040 2015-12-07_0041