Lena and Nora are back!

I cannot believe how much these girls have changed in a year!  Last we met sweet Lena and Nora they were just babies!  And now they are as active as can be and simply a joy to be around!  We had a great time exploring the park and all the wonders it holds!  Thank you guys for such a great session!VGF_8658 VGF_8686 VGF_8709 VGF_8714 VGF_8728 VGF_8749 VGF_8764 VGF_8770 VGF_8781 VGF_8803 VGF_8834 VGF_8843 VGF_8856 VGF_8879 VGF_8950 VGF_8960 VGF_8980 VGF_9029 VGF_9036 VGF_9081 VGF_9113