Wedding Day Tip: How to be a Hero

weddingtipbout It never fails to happen on wedding day- we’re rolling along with photos and it’s time to capture the groomsmen.  They are getting on their jackets, putting on their ties...(why do guys have it so much easier!!) but then the moment of realization- the boutonnieres!

We need them on for pictures!

All the guys stand in a circle like deer in headlights looking at the small flower and pins in fear and trepidation.

How on earth do you put that thing on?

So all eyes go to me–the photographer, who is trying to rally everyone to stay on schedule!   On the inside I'm thinking yikes! I didn't train for this part! But I figure it out and pin some boutonnieres!


So this post is more for me and my pin-stricken fingers (!) but if you find yourself playing any kind of role at a wedding, this is a way to be the hero and help put on some boutonnieres!

Here are two helpful YouTube tutorials I found: