Beach time!

It's almost the end of summer and I have yet to go to the beach!  So we "sort of" went by going to nearby Sandy Point State Park- only an hour away!  It's on the bay, so there's a beach, water and sun.  That will do!  If you close your eyes it could be Miami....:)  It was a perfect day to soak in some sun with some good friends! 2015-08-15_0001 2015-08-15_0002 2015-08-15_0003 2015-08-15_0004 2015-08-15_0005 2015-08-15_0006 2015-08-15_0007 2015-08-15_0008 2015-08-15_0009 2015-08-15_0010 2015-08-15_0011 2015-08-15_0012 2015-08-15_0013 2015-08-15_0014