album Printing photos is becoming a lost art.  Remember the days of anticipating your kodak roll and praying those photos came out the way you hoped and imagined?  Everything is now instantaneous- posting photos a day later almost feels “late”!

But I think it is SO important to still print your photos!  Technology changes, computers crash, and internet companies go out of business; all putting those digital files at risk of getting lost in cyber world.  Not to mention the importance of preserving those photos for generations to see- and who knows what technology will look like 50 years from now!   Think of it this way: how often do you break out the slide projector to see those state of the art “slides” your parents and/or grandparents were so proud of?  Yep, things change.

So here are three of my favorite album companies to preserve those memories; from least expensive to high end.


I love blurb.  They offer a lot of room for customization (which I value) and integrate right into Lightroom, where I do all my photo editing.  The quality is great with a range of options to make it as inexpensive or as fancy as you want.  I use Blurb for my “year in review” book that I print annually to capture my favorite photos from across the year.  (and yes, these books get bigger each year!)  But it’s worth it to preserve the memories and look back at year after year!  I keep it as my coffee table book.

2015-08-21_0026 2015-08-21_0027 2015-08-21_0028 2015-08-21_0029


These guys offer a lot of options from little instagram books printed right from your phone; to pretty, layflat albums.  I love their tagline “inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible.”  I’ve used them to print my favorite instagram running photos, as well as a more affordable yet elegant wedding album.  This is great if you are looking to put together your own wedding album and want a nice lay flat option!

 2015-08-21_0017 2015-08-21_0018 2015-08-21_0019 2015-08-21_0020 2015-08-21_0021 2015-08-21_0022 2015-08-21_0023

How cute are these little albums?? So easy- just made on my iphone!2015-08-21_00242015-08-21_0025


These books are beauuuuuuutiful!  They can be on the expensive side, but you get what you pay for.  Lots of size options, but check out the thickness of these pages!  They come in leather or linen, and are printed on professional photographic paper that will stand the test of time.  The site is for professional photographers, so if you are looking for a KISS book, I’m happy to help put one together for you!

The linen album:

 2015-08-21_0001 2015-08-21_0002 2015-08-21_0003 2015-08-21_0004 2015-08-21_00052015-08-21_0006

The leather album:2015-08-21_0007 2015-08-21_0008 2015-08-21_0009 2015-08-21_0010 2015-08-21_0011 2015-08-21_0012 2015-08-21_0013 2015-08-21_0014 2015-08-21_0015 2015-08-21_0016

Questions about printing or albums?  Happy to lend my thoughts!  Or if the idea of putting one of these together is incredibly overwhelming, I’m here to help in the quest to print those photos!

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