Meet little Sebastian!

Father's Day could not have been a more appropriate day for this photo shoot!  This growing family just welcomed Sebastian into the fold and he is just about as chill as any baby could be!  I think he slept through our entire photo session, despite his very active, tree climbing, older sister!  We had a great time on a gorgeous (and warm) DC morning!2015-06-22_0010 2015-06-22_0011 2015-06-22_0012 2015-06-22_0013 2015-06-22_0014 2015-06-22_0015 2015-06-22_0016 2015-06-22_0017 2015-06-22_0018 2015-06-22_0019 2015-06-22_0020 2015-06-22_0021 2015-06-22_0022 2015-06-22_0023 2015-06-22_0024 2015-06-22_0025 2015-06-22_0026