Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Your girls are there for you on the biggest day and you want to get them something great as a thank you, but also want something useful! Here are a few ideas and resources that I found!

Make Up Bag

This is a great and functional gift to keep everyone looking their best. I love this one with the soft velvet, fun stitching and cute tassel! It’s the perfect size and comes in all the right colors to match your color scheme. It’s easy to personalize for each of your girls. Bridesmaid Gift Boutique has a lot of other great and functional ideas.


It’s always nice to have something they can all wear and match and don’t have to think about finding the right pair of earrings to match!

Or there are some great gift ideas on APK Bridal for your bridesmaids and flower girls!

Matching Hoodies

I opted for hoodies as opposed to the more popular robes. Both are great but I went for comfort and added a monogram for some personalization!

Rebekah Emily Photography

Rebekah Emily Photography


It’s helpful to have a small tote to carry around anything they need as everyone is getting ready or traveling from one location to another. And it’s something they can easily use again and again!