It's Cherry Blossom Time!

One of the best parts of being in Washington DC during the spring is the cherry blossoms!  It’s a short but momentous window of pastel pinks and whites that bring a sense of awe and hope that spring is here and warm weather is coming!   Every year I think I might be “over them”, but every time I see them I am awestruck and taken in by their beauty.  There’s just something about them!


 But these guys can be quite the unpredictable beauties.  The Cherry Blossom Watch offers a good predictor of when they are to come, but you just never know. One cold day or warm day can throw everything off.  (like last year’s March 31st blizzard…)

The downside is the Tidal Basin is often packed with people no matter what time you go (so not great for photos) and requires a hefty permit from the National Park Service. 

 Have no fear, here are some other lesser known cherry blossom spots you may not have been aware of!

East Potomac Park

This is right next to the Tidal Basin, and often overlooked!  It’s almost 3 miles of cherry trees lining the road and offers gorgeous views!

Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens

This is on the other side of DC- a little-known but beautiful oasis in the city!

Oxon Run Park

This is one I am checking out this year- I have not been but I plan to!  There are over 200 cherry trees planted in the park!

Foxhall Neighborhood

This sweet neighborhood just north of Georgetown is lined with cherry trees and when they bloom it is spectacular!

Stanton Park

Another great city park for the more urban + cherry tree feel!

Kenwood Neighborhood

This neighborhood can get quite crowded and parking is limited, but this area is filled with cherry trees!

Glenview Mansion

A beautiful tucked away mansion in Rockville that is tree lined with cherry trees!

Your Own Neighborhood?

You never know what’s in your backyard until the blooms start coming out and you realize your street is lined with cherry trees!  Happy surprise! (I may be speaking from experience…)


US Arboretum

These guys are a little more spread out, but it’s worth the journey to take in all the beauty and solitude the Arboretum has to offer right in the city! (below are Azaleas, which are also gorgeous at the Arboretum!)

Rawlins Park

This place actually has Magnolia blooms and not cherry blossoms, but I might actually like them better!  They are a brighter pink and bigger, so they photograph so pretty!