Cambridge Day 3

Day 3, and another day to explore on my own! My wonderful friend Amy gave me some great suggestions of sites to see, so I took her first suggestion and headed on a bit of a trek out to Grantchester Meadows. It’s beautiful green space along the River Cam and there were lots of runners, cyclists and dog walkers! I even saw some sheep on the way! The meadow is featured in the poem "Watercolor Of Grantchester Meadows" by Sylvia Plath and a 1969 song by the British rock band Pink Floyd.

It was fun checking out some of the more local, quiet neighborhoods along the way!

Afterwards I went through the Botanic Gardens. It’s 40 acres and was created for the University of Cambridge in 1831 by Professor John Stevens Henslow (Charles Darwin's mentor) and was opened to the public in 1846.

The Winter Garden was especially beautiful this time of year!

I stopped for lunch and tea at the Old Bicycle Shop (delicious) and did a quick stop into the (free) Fitzwilliam Art Museum.

All in all I logged 9.1 miles of walking! My legs were killing me, but it was worth ti!