Baby it's Cold Outside...

I LOVE natural light.  It truly is the most flattering and most beautiful light to use. 

However, this time of year the temperatures make shooting outside not always the most pleasant experience!  So what do you do for a winter photo session?  Where can you go?  

This is when we get creative!  Here are some out-of-the-box ideas for those cold winter days!

1. Your Home

Definitely an obvious choice, but there are a lot of pros.  You're in your own environment, and if kids are involved they are automatically comfortable in their space.  Embrace the candid nature of being at home!  The good news is there is no pressure to clean your whole place.  Simply find a few spots with great natural light and clear those specific areas.  I promise we won't show the rest!


2. Portrait Gallery

Many DC locations unfortunately do not allow commercial photography, however the Portrait Gallery is the exception (minus some specific exhibits).  They have a beautiful light filled atrium along with a lot of variety for interesting and unique settings.  It's a huge space where we won't feel in the way or center of attention!

3. Union Station

The entrance parlor of Union Station has a ton of gorgeous light and interesting backgrounds.  Crowds are unpredictable, but it's a unique vibe that is very DC!  We can also jump outside quickly to the beautiful archways.

4. A local library

Many libraries have recently been redone and the theme is often lots of natural light!  This is great for small groups or super young kids that won't be too rowdy as it's important not to disturb the peace and quiet of others enjoying the library setting!


5. A local hotel lobby

The DMV area has a ton of hotels, and many of these hotels have beautiful light filled lobbies that could work well for photos!  Again, as long as we are not disturbing those staying at the hotel!

6. Think of any connections you may have

Do you know someone with a cool workspace that would let us use their building on a weekend?  Or does your apartment complex have a cool common area that we could borrow?  In DC it's all about those connections!

7. A favorite coffee shop

Finding a spot with some nice windows and a day that's not too crowded can be a relaxed and down home feeling to your photos.  


8. National Airport

This is a bit unconventional, but it has beautiful light and lots of space!  Embrace your love for travel or just enjoy the vast beauty of the building and that pretty, pretty light!