Italy Part 3: Capri

Ah...Capri....!!  What a beautiful and completely unique island!  It is absolutely beautiful and felt like straight out of a movie.  It also helped that this was the island of the "rich and famous"- a lot of very wealthy and famous people like to vacation here and it was quite evident by the level of shopping, fashion and food!  We spend a day at a private beach club where Dior had their fashion shoot the week before (!).  I of course recognized no one, but you can tell these were people of fame and fortune!  (so naturally I felt right at home....)

What they don't tell you is that Capri is a giant rock so it's EXTREMELY hilly.  The short walk from the piazza to our hotel was a major leg workout.  (It helped offset the gelato, pasta and limencello!) They don't have roads, just small walkways so everything is pedestrian based.  Sooooo many adorable doors and windows...not enough time to truly capture all of it!   

We were also able to get a private boat tour around the island see the famous green grotto and blue grotto.  Absolutely amazing!