Infinity Mirrors

Yayoi Kusama's "Infinity Mirrors" exhibit opened at the Hirschorn Museum last Thursday.  This is a unique exhibit that showcases six "Infinity Mirror" rooms- small spaces that you walk into and experience a feeling of infinity.  Each kaleidoscopic environment offers the chance to step into an illusion of infinite space.  This is the first exhibition to focus on this body of work, and 6 rooms are the most ever shown together.

The Japanese artist is very widely renowned and his known for her mirrored installations.

This exhibit is naturally popular, so timed tickets are free but required to enter the exhibit.  I was lucky enough to get a timed ticket on opening day. (and now the timed tickets sell out in minutes for the whole week!)  But since each exhibit is a small space meant to be experienced, lines stretched with waits over 2 hours to get into some rooms!  I managed to see a few with just 20 minute waits, but I could not justify waiting over 2 hours for some of the installations.  Once inside, you only have 15-30 seconds (yes, you are timed!!) to be in the room.  Sometimes alone and sometimes as a group.  It was quite stressful to take it in and get a good photo in that amount of time!

So I was THRILLED when IGDC (Instagram DC) invited me and a small group of photographers to visit the exhibit this morning for a full hour before it was opened to the public! This meant waiting just a few minutes to experience each room (instead of hours) and some even more then once!  It was definitely a privilege that I appreciated as I knew how rare it was to get that opportunity!  

Here are some of my favorites from today!