Christmas Weekend!

Christmas weekend was full of a mishmash of fun and festive activities!

First stop- Tabbard Inn in DC for brunch!

Then over to the US Botanical Gardens! And the Capitol Christmas Tree! Then to the comforts of my parents home in Pennsylvania!  All decorated beautifully! Christmas morning crepes!  A Filer Family tradition! Opening gifts! 

I got a fun "onesie" in memory of our dear dalmatian Sophie! Grammy loves her Clarkie book! Happy Grandparents! We headed to my Uncle Ken and Aunt Donna's for a family gathering.  Dad hosted some fun games to keep things interesting and keep us all laughing! The "12 Days of Christmas" where we were lined up and had to sing the song and act out each Day of Christmas! Miranda stole the show! Mom Mom had 5 Golden Rings! Mom Mom's Christmas cookies! And finally- singing Happy Birthday to Jesus!