Greece Vacation: Santorini

Lovely Santorini- my favorite spot on the whole trip!  The scenery was everything I had imagined about Greece- steep cliffs, blue water, white buildings with blue was gorgeous! The black beaches of Santorini: Our little studio hotel Sunset the first night I love doors! We rented a car to get around the island which was a HUGE help! The red beach This fun door was at the Santos Winery- so picture perfect! Donkeys!

We took a hike between the 2 main towns early the morning.  The views were breathtaking and worth the 5.5 mile hike! Ammoudi Bay!  This is where a lot of "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" was filmed.

Where Lena fell into the water!  :) "Sisterhood" photo!  Trying to replicate this! Delicious last meal! Our last day we took a catamaran sunset boat tour- it was gorgeous and we were able to get out and swim in the clear blue water.