The top 10 engagement photos of 2015!

It was a wonderful year and one of the many highlights is getting to know my clients during their engagement session! Engagement sessions can be great way to send out save the dates or share your big news, but I view them as something so much more!

This as a time for me to get to know YOU, and YOU to get to know me!   It gets everyone comfortable in front of the camera before the big day!  The last thing you want on your wedding is to feel awkward or insecure about being in front of the camera.  But after the engagement session you'll feel like a pro- you know how I'm going to ask you to interact and pose for the best photos ("what do I do with my arm??"), and you've had a chance to see what you look like in the photos!  ("which is my good side??  oh yeah!")

I can to observe how you guys interact and know how make you look just right and comfortable and at ease on the big day.

And let's face it- we laugh.  a lot!  Because there's no pressure and it's a ton of fun.

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