Cherry Blossom Kite Festival

I have always wanted to go to the Cherry Blossom Kite Festival held on the National Mall every year.  This was the year, but unfortunately the weather did not get the memo that it is suppose to be spring!! It was FREEZING, but I saw some kites, took some photos and then toured the National Archives to stay warm!  (another museum I had not been to- definitely worth it, even though they did not allow photography...!!?!!?) 2015-03-28_0001 2015-03-28_0002 2015-03-28_0003 2015-03-28_0004 2015-03-28_0005 2015-03-28_0006 2015-03-28_0007 2015-03-28_0008 2015-03-28_0009 2015-03-28_0010 2015-03-28_0011 2015-03-28_0012 2015-03-28_0013 2015-03-28_0014 2015-03-28_0015