Home sweet Home

It's been 8 years since I've owned my beloved condo in the heart of the amazingly cute and fun Del Ray, Alexandria.  I would not trade my time here for anything and have been so blessed by my home.   It has been a place of learning, laughter and respite, and holds so many wonderful memories with friends and family. But after 8 years it's time for a change, and I am beyond excited about what lies ahead.  My good friend Holly is moving back to the area and we had this crazy idea of moving to DC together.  I made a long list of criteria the new place would need to meet to uproot me from my comfortable home, and I was fairly confident it did not exist.

But you know it's right when the impossible unfolds before your eyes in one weekend.

We found a spacious, affordable, 3 bedroom apartment in Glover Park (2.8 miles from my work!) that has all I could ask for and more.  It's in a great part of town and in a secluded neighborhood but still close to everything.   It's going to be a big change, but an exciting adventure.  I have learned you have to ride the adventures life puts in your path and it's always amazing to see where it takes you.

So while I look for renters to take over my lovely condo (let me know if you know anyone interested!), it is bittersweet to say goodbye to Auburn Village.  So I of course took a few pictures to hold those memories close....:-)

2014-06-15_0001 2014-06-15_0002 2014-06-15_0003 2014-06-15_0004 2014-06-15_0005 2014-06-15_0008 2014-06-15_0009 2014-06-15_0010 2014-06-15_0011 2014-06-15_0017 2014-06-15_0024 2014-06-15_0028 2014-06-15_0029 2014-06-15_0033 2014-06-15_0034

2014-06-15_0006 2014-06-15_0007 2014-06-15_0012 2014-06-15_0013 2014-06-15_0014 2014-06-15_0015 2014-06-15_0016 2014-06-15_0018 2014-06-15_0019 2014-06-15_0020 2014-06-15_0021 2014-06-15_0022 2014-06-15_0023 2014-06-15_0025 2014-06-15_0026 2014-06-15_0027 2014-06-15_0030 2014-06-15_0031 2014-06-15_0032 2014-06-15_0035 2014-06-15_0036 2014-06-15_0037 2014-06-15_0038 2014-06-16_0001