The Why Behind Black and White

With every session I deliver, I turn a portion of the photos black and white.  Here's how I determine what I turn black and white and why!

1. To focus attention

Sometimes there is a lot of color and elements going on in the photo and the black and white helps focus the attention back down to the person or central focal point of the photo.

2. To show the emotion

There is something about black and white that conveys an emotion and feels deeper and more timeless in black and white.  (especially if the subject is not looking at the camera)

3. Great contrast

If there is great contrast in a photo it is even more exaggerated in black and white and gives more power to the overall photo.  


4. To hide bad lighting or color

Sometimes black and white is the answer to conceal bad or mixed lighting.  If the DJ goes too crazy with colored lights or there is a hard mix of warm and cool light, black and white takes away that issue instantly!

5. Give something a timeless feel

Black and white is often associated with "old" since that is once all there was!  Black and white often feels more timeless and that it could be 1800 or 2018 and if still feels the same.